The Life and Death of John Gotti


This has been a crazy week to say the least. It started out as any other week, but Tuesday morning I was running on the treadmill and received a call that they needed me ASAP on the set of The Life and Death of John Gotti, film that is currently filming in Cincinnati. The film is Directed by Kevin Connolly (best known for his role in Entourage) pictured below: 


It stars, John Travolta as John Gotti, Kelly Preston as Victoria Gotti, plus a whole slew of extremely talented and well-known actor from all over the country. I am completely honored and privileged to work on this project and am so excited to now be able to say I have worked on a film set! 

As most of you know, I recently had a baby.  Finding the balance between Mom and career has been my biggest challenge. However, this film experience has made me realize that I really need to step up my game and get my name out there. For myself and my family. I recently reached out via Facebook to ask all of you, especially brides, what you are want to see when looking for a Makeup Artist. The overwhelming response in addition to a Facebook page, was a website. Duh, Lauren. However, despite being a "Mil-lineal" (ew, I hate that title), I am completely clueless about websites and most technology in general. My 12-year-old niece frequently has to show me how to use most apps and social media sights. I started a blog years ago when I started my business in Columbus and really enjoyed the writing aspect of it. It is a perfect outlet to share my experiences and highlights of my career. So, six years later I am giving it another go. This blog will provide you with a place to view my work, learn about what I do, and learn about the latest and greatest beauty products and techniques I have discovered. 

By law, I have to wait to share any photos from the Gotti film, so for now I will leave you with this photo I snapped in the trailer after working on an actor from True Detective, yes I was dying. 

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Ciao for now!